Purpose of the publication

The difficulty was that Samuel Hahnemann in resolving some of the cases treated during the first stage of Homeopathy, took him to tighten his capacity as creative genius and scientific acute, to devote himself     primarily to investigate into the causes of such problems, and then with his experience, to draw conclusions from these studies bright, which took him to develop the THEORY OF THE MIASMS, key idea that cleared the ground admirably, This theoretical and practical application allowed into the strategy of approach, diagnosis and treatment chronic diseases.


This page intends to publish various viewpoints, analyses, conclusions or assumptions that homeopath physicians past and present have conceived on the theme of the miasms, to help clarify this approach, which is easily accessible, and that are grouped together in a format convenient (Power Point).


Warning for visitors
The content on this page is aimed at health professionals who are interested in the topic. The reading by people who do not have training homeopathic not empowered to perform treatment of illness to themselves or others.

The concepts and dumped the contents of each item will be identified with the relevant literature, reference to the source, the website and / or name of the author or authors.



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